Accept support, God sends it to us in many ways.

I am sorry, I am not able to identify the author of this story, though it is one that has been weighing on my heart the last three weeks.

I’m watching a group I love going through this right now and they are drowning. As I watch them turn away the cars, boats and helicopters I’m reminded to examine my own life and see where or if I’m missing warnings, cars, boats, or helicopters. I tend to be a helicopter girl, as it seems like God often has to get right up in my face for me to hear Him or see what He is doing for me. I’m regularly praying for growth in this area.

God sends help into our lives in so many forms, let us not be like this man and blind to it, forgetting how God uses each of us for His plan and Glory. I have no doubt we are being used as warnings, cars, boats and helicopters in the lives around us. Accept support and offer support, we don’t make it through this life alone.

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